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What is Global Care ?

Global Care Hospital Management System is a web/Mobile hospital management system software that can be deployed on the cloud, or on Local Area Network (LAN) within the hospital premises, which makes it easier to control different complex workflows and processes which are inherent to the normal working of any hospital. It integrates all operations processes in hospitals and health care units. This Solution is featured with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning etc., which effectively track and monitor electronic health records, quick diagnosis, financials, inventory, and other administrative information.

How does it work ?

Register Patient

New patient visiting the hospital for the first time are registered into the system, at the completion of this process the system generates a Patient Identification No. (PID), this number is a unique number that identified every patient on the system.

Pay into Wallet

Next, Patient make payment into their Wallet using the system generated PID for e-Card and Consultation Fee (where applicable) to access care. If patient does not have money to pay, then a Credit facility is granted and recover before the patient is discharged.

Issue e-Card & Check-in

Finally, an e-Card is issued to the patient, and the patient is Checked into clinic to access care. Doctors, Nurses and other clinicians use this Card to open the patient medical record page to write notes, send for prescriptions, lab request and Radiology services.

Software Module

Modules can be customized to the peculiar environment and different flow of any health facility.

Health Records
Social Service
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Awesome Features

Over 100k Medical Terms

Global care contains over 100k Predefined medical terms (called Thesaurus). Thesaurus is a Medical Dictionary which linked ICD10 Code with the commonly used clinical terms. Therefore, it make it very easy for clinicians to use the terms they are familiar with, to classify diagnosis.

Predefined Template

Doctors, Nurses, Lab Scientist and Radiographs can upload Predefined Medical Template from Microsoft Word into the Software and save it as a reusable template. The template can be edited and contextualize at the point of care, this however reduce the amount of time the users need to typing clinical notes.

Upload Multiple Price List

This Software enable users to upload Multiple price list ( e.g Hospital, Insurance and retainer-ship price list). Therefore bills are automatically computed by the system, which ensures the accuracy of bills and claims generated are very high, and eliminate the manual task of generating bills by users.

Easy to Use

To access patient Medical records simple Swipe the Patient electronical Card (e-Card), on your computer or Mobile device, and records will open automatically. This cards are issued to patient(s) at the point of registration.


No one size fit all. Hospitals workflow varise in operations.Therefore we have Identified this as a critical component of our Implementation, to customize our solution to fit into clients operationnal workflows.


Global-care was Designed to Confirm with the HL7/FHIR global Standard, which enable us to Intergrate Third Party Hospital software with Our's, with a common goal of data sharing across various practicies.

Online / Offline Deployment

Online Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment enable users to have access to paitent(s) data remotely with restricted privilege, from any location where there is internet connectivity. With this option data are backup and stored secuirly on a remote server, and can be restore in case of lost or damage within short period of time.

Offline On Premise Deployment

This option give users access to patient(s) records within the hopsital premises, therefore internet connectivity is not required for this option. A Local area network (LAN) is needed to connect all the computers and mobile devices together and users will be train on how to backup their data secuirly on local drives.

Our Clients

At Fedral Mdeical Centre lokoja,our hopsital work flow are papar less, since we adapted GlobalCare Hospital Information System.


Head Of ICT, Federal MedicalCenter Lokoja

GlobalCare Hospital software as help us to reduce the wating time of our Patients, and improve the productivity of our Health works.

Engineer Ester

Head of ICT, FMC Ebute-Matta